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Are you a researcher who has developed novel reagents for diagnostic or therapeutic applications, or, for enabling biomedical R&D such as antibodies, experimental therapies, disease models, cell lines, or, other specialized technologies?

If so, this is where you can set up a storefront to share your discoveries, capabilities and innovations with the global biomedical community.

Contact us at to set up your personal storefront.

Product categories


Diagnostic or therapeutic antibodies, incl., polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and fragments and derivatives (e.g., ADCs) thereof


Small and large proteins and peptides for diagnostic or therapeutic uses

Experimental therapies

Small or large molecule therapies currently under pre-clinical or clinical development

Disease models

All types of experimental models for in vivo testing

Cell lines

Cell lines for in vitro testing, incl., mammalian cell lines for transfection and protein expression


Genes cloned into plasmids for further in vitro or in vivo experimentation

Expression vectors

Plasmids for heterologous gene expression and protein production

Experimental protocols

Specialized scientific techniques that have been established in the lab to produce reproducible results

Fine chemicals 

Reagents, buffers, media and other consumables commonly used in biomedical laboratories 

Data analysis techniques

A range of charting, graphing and statistical tools  

commonly used in biomedical R&D