LiteHaus Translational 360 Engine

Litehaus brings together content automation and knowledge discovery along with full 360 views for the life sciences, biopharmaceutical, medical and other data-intensive domains such as finance, venture capital, investment banking, information technology, media, education, journalism, and others. 

LiteHaus delivers bespoke content spanning the business, scientific, technical, market and competitive aspects of the subject of interest, as relevant to the specific needs of the user, in a fully customizable manner. 


Applied to biopharmaceutical R&D, LiteHaus360 automates data analysis across the drug discovery, development and commercialization value chain in any disease area or research topic, creates persistent, structured workflows for the user, uncovers insights from vast quantities of unstructured data (incl., for example, mechanism of action, molecular pathology, target biology, signaling mechanisms, biomarker analysis, competitive intel, and others), facilitates hypothesis generation, and ultimately, accelerates the conduct of translational research. 

LiteHaus is currently available as a concierge service if you wish to generate translational 360 reports - for instance - on a specific biological target in cancer. Please drop us a note at for a trial subscription.