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Life Sciences is a team sport. It takes a village, and frequently more, to decipher the meaning behind the language of the DNA code, the RNA code, the transcriptome, the proteome, and the complex nature of molecular pathology that ensues in disease - all the result of the 3 billion bases that make up the human genome.

We invite you to write about your work, share your expertise, passions and aspirations, and make connections with fellow professionals. We are all united in the pursuit of one goal - to advance biomedicine, to find cures for the most difficult of diseases, and lead healthful, wholesome lives. 

Come, be part of the force.

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Our Community

Principal Investigators 

If you are a PI and would like to identify collaborative R&D or joint grant opportunities, please drop us an email. We will publish your profile and connect you with the LiteHaus community. 


If you are a practicing clinician and would like to offer your expertise in clinical development of experimental drug therapies, we would love to hear from you.

Key Opinion Leaders

If you bring specialized knowledge in medical specialties and would like to engage as a KOL for biopharmaceutical research, please let us know.


If you are a biomedical researcher (e.g., staff, grad student, postdoc, ...) in an academic setting, and are seeking career advancement opportunities, you have come to the right place. 

For more information and to join, email us at