About LiteHaus360

We sought to solve the data problem in life sciences, biopharmaceutical R&D and healthcare. Be partners in the pathway to innovation... to cures. 

Our journey begins with you.

Our Motivation


The journey of a data user (e.g., a researcher in pharma) consists of exhaustive literature survey, hypothesis generation, design of experiment(s), procurement of reagents, fine chemicals and technical expertise, conduct of experiments, validation of hypotheses, analysis and publication of results, all of which are very manual, time consuming and repetitive. In the life sciences, this is particularly daunting given the complex, multi-dimensional and non-linear nature as well as the high velocity and volume of data. 


What is available: Web based search engines provide access to data, however "access to data", is hardly the problem today. 


The solution: LiteHaus360. The Platform brings together automation, NLP driven insights, full translational views of drug R&D, deep mapping of knowledge assets and creates a B2B MarketPlace for discovery and trading of those assets.